Dear applicants,

Despite the fact that there are significant limitations to mobility throughout Europe, we would like to inform you that it is not all bad news:

Valencia currently has one of the lowest incidence rates, not only in Spain but also in Europe, In addition, the Spanish airspace is open, so it is possible to fly from most European countries under certain criteria. One of these is language learning & internships. With our enrolment letter, you will not have any problems travelling.

The current mobility restrictions in our region are:

  1. Spain demands a negative PCR test upon arrival, completed a maximum of 3 days before travelling, but you do not need to quarantine, so you will start your course as soon as you arrive.
  2. You cannot leave the region for tourism purposes.
  3. Due to the movement restrictions because of the current health crisis, you are not allowed to go out from 10pm to 6am. From 6am to 10pm you are free to do anything, like go to the beach, walk in the park, go to the shops, visit museums or eat out. Although you must be aware of the opening times of the place(s) you would like to visit to ensure they will be open by the time you get there. Our program of weekly activities will continue to be carried out and always with respect to the rules.

That’s why we have made some notable changes in our booking process, providing greater peace of mind and guarantees when booking a seat in our Spanish courses:

  1. If you are unable to travel due to an international ban, a full refund will be made.
  2. You can decide not to travel to Spain up to 6 weeks before the beginning of your booking, even if there is no ban and AIP Language Institute is fully operational. In such a case, we offer the following:
    • Postponing the start of your internship
    • Using the paid deposit to take one of our online Spanish courses.

We will closely follow any updates on the matter and we will take further safety measures if necessary, doing everything in our power to provide safety and quality in your internship experience in Valencia.

Looking forward to seeing you in Valencia soon!

The objectives of our internship/volunteering programme in Spain is not only to provide you with an extraordinary professional/intercultural experience, but also to improve your Spanish language skills and to immerse you into the Spanish business culture.

An accredited Spanish language course..

Your Spanish knowledge will be improved at the beginning of the program through a Spanish intensive language course at AIP Language Institute, an accredited language school by Instituto Cervantes.

The minimum duration of the course is 1 week and it will help you to soft land in Spain. You will also gain confidence with your Spanish skills and it will help to know other international students attending to our language school before you start your internship experience in Valencia.

Besides, you will be participating in the daily exciting activities organised by the school and you will be able to discover Valencia region with your new friends.

Ready to start your internship or volunteering in Spain!

After the language course your internship/volunteering can start, it is very important for us to carefully choose a company that you have previously accepted before arrival. These companies have long experience accepting international internship students from us. The duration of your internship can vary from 3 weeks to 9 months and it is always organised through an agreement created for this purpose, according to the Spanish legal framework.

This work experience in Spain will enhance your Spanish skills and immerse you in the Spanish way of working, but you will also gain intercultural abilities and acquire soft key skills which will be beneficial to your personal and professional development. Besides, by having the courage to go abroad you show initiative, which employers love.

Language skills, Soft skills, teamwork and intercultural leadership are some of the key stones of this internship experience in Spain.


  • + 10 years experience
  • + 150 internships available
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Find new friends from all over the world

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  • International atmosphere
  • Acquire new soft skills
  • Improve your Spanish level
  • Free weekly activities offered

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  • 3rd biggest city in Spain
  • Best climate in Europe
  • Exciting student life
  • Get to know a typical Mediterranean Spanish city

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To learn a new language and to meet people from all over the world which you never would meet in your home country. Learning something about another country and its culture is a big, big advantage as well.

Anna Meinke

I liked a lot the opportunity to do an internship in Valencia. It was an unforgettable experience and very helpful.

Ellen Demandt

It was my first experience in a company, at the beginning I was a bit worried about this, but thanks to Internship in Spain I found a company which had all I was looking for.

Elisa Stoppacioli