The deposit of 75 €/175

This is a unique payment as a deposit of reservation of the Internship program and will be discounted from the total amount which needs to be paid at least the first school day or before arrival.

The Spanish Course prices

Course prices include free access to the Learning Centre, Internet and WIFI, cultural activities, Spanish level test, end-of-course Certificate and materials (only for students who follow the course for one or two weeks. Students who follow the course for more than two weeks must buy the book.)

Course prices do not include Accommodation, Insurance or Transfer, unless otherwise stated.

Class Size and Lenght

  • Class Size: max 10. Except in July and August were it can reach 12. Group courses: 1 lesson = 50 minutes

Starting Dates 2016: please have a look on our webpage

The internship placement

INTERNSHIP IN SPAIN searches the internship due to the students CV and time of internship. We only provide one internship placement to the student only if an important reason arrives we can provide a second option. There is no refund of deposit or placement price once a internship is provided or in case of cancellation during the internship.


– Accommodation in host families includes board (Half board or full board), personal laundry and other facilities as described in Living in Valencia Handbook.

– Accommodation in apartment includes no boards, a washing machine and a full equipped kitchen is provided. All our accommodations are shared with other students from the school.

Accommodation changes:

– Host family changes: Should a student wish to change family INTERNSHIPINSPAIN will do so after giving due consideration and in discussion with both student and family.

– Apartment changes: Should a student wish to change an apartment, an important reason is required and we would discuss this together with the responsible of the accommodation department.

A deposit of 150 € per person is required in the accommodation in apartments. INTERNSHIPINSPAIN will give it back to you the last day of your stay after revising the accommodation.

It is not allowed to have a guest in INTERNSHIP IN SPAIN´s accommodation, if Internship in Spain notice that you are hosting another person in your room or in the apartment, no refunding of the apartment deposit will be done.

Accommodation is offered subject to availability, and should be booked well in advance, especially at summer. To cancel a booking for accommodation you must let us two weeks in advance. If shorter notice, INTERNSHIPINSPAIN will charge a minimum of two weeks.

Arrival & Departure

INTERNSHIPINSPAIN encourages you to arrive the Saturday/ Sunday before the course begins and to stay until the Friday/ Saturday, which follows the last day of your internship.

Pick-up Service

Although there is a metro from the airport or train station and it is completely safe and much cheaper to use public transportation, we can arrange transfer to your accommodation with a reliable taxi-driver which costs 53€ and need to be booked at least a week in advance.


Booking and Payment Conditions

Booking and payments

You can pay the deposit of reservation through our Internet Secure Server filling the Enrolment form in our web page or order a bank transfer to our bank account and send a copy by mail together with your personal details and course interested in.

Following the receipt of the payment of the deposit (75 €/175€), INTERNSHIPINSPAIN will send you by e-mail a letter of admission in the specified course.

To pay by Bank Transfer IBAN number is required. All payments should be marked with your name. All bank charges are the responsibility of the participant.

IBAN Number: ES05 0075 1129 420600187614.


Bank Name: BANCO POPULAR. Bank address: Calle El Bachiller, 6. 46010 Valencia.

Cancellation Policy

When Visa applications are rejected an administrative charge of 150 Є is required. To refund the money back the rejection letter of the embassy is required.

When the participant cancels less than 15 days before course starts the deposit will not be refunded. After commencement of course: No refund will be provided.

There is no refund of fees for days missed during the course or for late arrival or early departure.

Students opting for a less intensive programme after the commencement of course will not receive a refund.

Insurance & Health

Students are strongly recommended to take out full travel and health insurance in advance. If you need it, INTERNSHIPINSPAIN can provide a full private insurance.

EU Nationals should bring E111 Forms.

Students are advised to insure against loss of fees and/or expenses that may be incurred due to cancellation or sudden early departure from a course.


Nationals of the following countries do not require a visa for stays of up to 90 days:

(a) EU countries, Australia, Canada, Japan and US.

(b) Brazil, Croatia, Cyprus, Iceland, Israel, Korea (Rep. Of), Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, San Marino, Singapore, Switzerland and Vatican City, apart from other Latin American countries.

Those staying longer than 90 days may require a student visa except EU country nationals.

The school will give all reasonable assistance to students when applying for a Visa.

At least 6 weeks is needed to process a Visa application. Please do not apply for registration on a course that will not allow enough time for the processing of the visa application.

A deposit of 650 €, is due (deducted from final invoice). In the event that the application for a Visa is refused by the Spanish Embassy or Consulate, we will refund the deposit and any other paid fees after the deduction of an administrative charge of 150 €, after receiving the refusal letter from the Spanish Embassy or Consulate.

General Conditions

INTERNSHIPINSPAIN reserves the right to decide if a participant is not ready to start the internship period in the collaborating company due to the lack of Spanish skills. In this case the participant will have to extend the duration of the Spanish course.

INTERNSHIPINSPAIN does not assume responsibility for loss, delay or accident of any kind whatsoever that may occur due to fault or negligence of any company or persons carrying out ancillary arrangements.

INTERNSHIPINSPAIN reserves the right to cancel any arrangements or bookings without prior notice if payment conditions are not met.

INTERNSHIPINSPAIN reserves the right to change any arrangements set forth in announcements of the program, offering substitutes of equal value, or to cancel the program entirely with full refund. Rates and schedules are subject to change.

INTERNSHIPINSPAIN does not refund money due to Public Holidays. Classes of this days will be made up.

INTERNSHIPINSPAIN reserves the right to dismiss any student for misconduct or at any time the student engages in conduct dangerous to the student or others, or engages in criminal behaviour. Whether or not the student’s behaviour justifies dismissal from the programs shall be within the sole discretion of INTERNSHIPINSPAIN

In the event that an emergency develops which requires surgery, hospitalisation, or other medical care INTERNSHIP IN SPAIN take any action which it deems appropriate under the circumstances, including but not limited to: arranging for medical or psychiatric treatment, the administration of prescription drugs, and transportation back to his/her country. INTERNSHIPINSPAIN will not cover costs that may arise as a result of the need for repatriation of student.

Any client who wants it, always that his/her complaints have not been attended, can be in contact with the Defender of the Student, who will analyse his/her complaints to give them a solution. A commission of the three schools belonging to the Spanish Federation of Schools of Spanish will form this Defender of the Student.


The School is not liable if there are promises made by agents to students that do not reflect the policies and services of the school as described in the Agent Manual and Brochure. It is the responsibility of the Agent promoting INTERNSHIPINSPAIN to give a true and accurate description of our programmes

Disclaimer: All efforts have been made to give accurate information in this document. Should mistakes or discrepancies occur please bring them to our attention

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