We are highly committed to helping young professionals to find their true passion and develop every skill that will make them stand out from other candidates and aspire to better job prospects. To achieve this, the 40+ person team at our internship agency works tirelessly to make sure that each intern’s experience in Spain is 100% useful and rewarding. 


10+ years of experience

150+ internships available

From 16 to 35

100% satisfaction guarantee

Full guidance

Professional growth

Flexible dates

Doing an internship in Spain not only means getting better at Spanish. It also means learning to adapt to new ways of working within an international context and a different culture. That is our internship agency, with more than 15 years of experience, is a proper choice if you are considering doing an internship and become fluent in Spanish. 

If you are over 16 and looking to boost your professional profile,then you are a perfect candidate to participate in our internship program in Spain. Nothing is stopping you from becoming a better version of yourself and creating a brighter outlook, when it comes down to job prospects. 

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Full guidance

We walk alongside you during the total length of your training. We guide you from our internship agency before your internship starts, then you have our full support while being in Valencia to make the most out of this experience and, once your traineeship is over we offer some advice to fruitfully leverage your internship in future job interviews. The whole program will gear you up to become a citizen of the world and a top-class professional in your industry.

Professional growth

We are all wired to adapt to any new situation, but that instinct needs to be stimulated to make sure it does not go dormant. An internship abroad will help you to sharpen some soft skills like initiative, active listening and adaptability. Comfort zones are meant to be destroyed and your traineeship will be that missing piece to set things in motion. This experience will turn you into a more creative, productive and efficient professional.


When doing an internship in a country with a different language from your mother tongue, it is key to go the extra mile and learn it. And our Instituto Cervantes Accredited Spanish school has everything you need to make your internship fully worthwhile. 

To help you learn Spanish, we offer flexible all-level courses that will make you progress with your knowledge of Spanish in no time. 



Valencia might not be as famous as Madrid and Barcelona, but it does have some aces up the sleeve that make it a very appealing city. 

For starters, what about an average of 300 sunny days a year? This makes it very easy to enjoy the city and have plans every day of the week. And, when we talk about sunny days, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? The beach, right?

Well, Valencia has 7 kilometers of city beach, plus a ton more in the natural park located just a few kilometers away from the city, for those sunny days we were talking about. And, if you like keeping yourself active, there is a 9-kilometer natural park right in the heart of the city to go running, cycling, rollerblading, skating, play a football/basketball game or just enjoy an afternoon walk.

Let’s not forget about all the typical delicious dishes you will try, the vibrant lifestyle, the 200 years of history, and the beautiful corners and buildings you will find while wandering around.

Valencia might not be that famous, but it definitely makes up for it, thanks to all its appeals. 


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