The price for the search of the internship abroad in Spain is 320 € (for Europeans). This includes the search, the administration and the necessary documents for the internship and, in addition, assistance by Internship in Valencia throughout your entire stay. The Spanish course requires an extra cost and the duration of the course varies (1 week minimum) depending on your Spanish level.You can check prices for courses of longer duration on the web page of our partner language school. A deposit of 75€  is due as soon as you enroll yourself in the program. The rest will have to be paid at the language school, once you arrive.

The minimum duration of our internships abroad in Spain is 2 weeks (just the internship, not including the language course). Most companies demand a longer stay. There is a maximum duration for EU citizens and that is nine months, while, for non- EU citizens, the maximum duration is six months.

In order to do your internship in Spain you need to have an intermediate Spanish level (B1). Most students attend two weeks of language classes prior to their internships. This is not only helpful for improving your Spanish, but also to meet people and thus settle into your new home more easily. If you speak only a little or no Spanish, you can enrol for a language course of longer duration. You will surely appreciate it when you start your practice!

First you have to inform us about your available dates, then you should fill in the enrolment form and send it to us. You should also send us your resume and cover letter in Spanish and do the Spanish test online and send it to us. The sooner we have your complete documents, the sooner we can start searching for an internship.

It depends on several factors – in the summer, for example, it can take longer. Usually it takes between two and four weeks, but it can be less. Of course, we need to have all documents first.

You can actually start any month of the year. In the summer, especially August, however, it is more difficult to find an internship, as many companies close for two to four weeks. Please take this into consideration when asking us for an internship position.

We will do our best to find your desired internship. In exceptional cases this can be difficult – then we will search for an internship in Valencia which is as similar as possible to what you want. These are the areas in which we do not offer internships: Health Sciences (doctors and nurses), Public Administration (eg municipalities), and Engineering (are too technical and specific). Remember that it will always be your final decision to accept the internship offered.

Accommodation is not included in the price. We can provide you with accommodation for the beginning of your stay as well as for the entire stay if you want. You can choose between a host family with half- or full board and a shared student flat. You can check the prices on the website of our partner language school.

Internships in Spain are in generally unpaid, but some companies give a small amount for your daily expenses.

Interns should consider the following things during their internships:
– You should respect the guidelines the company gives you.
– You should accept the rules and working methods of the company.
– Ask for the dress code in your company.
– You should be punctual and adhere to the working hours of your internship.
– You should deal fairly with your colleagues, bosses and supervisors, clients and other interns.
– You should respect cultural differences and other ways of working.
– You should use neither the company telephone nor the internet for private matters.
– All the tasks that you are given you should do thoroughly and conscientiously.
– Talk to your advisor regularly about your tasks and progress.

To sum up: You should act exactly the same way as if you were doing an internship in your country.

Attention: the student can’t decide out of his or her own free will to quit the internship, without telling the internship coordinator at the school. If he/she does so, s/he will neither get back part or all of the program fee, nor will s/he get an internship confirmation. Should major problems occur within your internship, Internship in Spain will of course assist you. We will talk to your manager in order to solve the problems, and if this is not possible, we will try to find an internship for you as fast as possible without extra costs, but it is required that you have at least 4 weeks left until your internship ends.

“For every problem there is a solution.” You can always come to us if there are problems. Of course, we will first want to know if you have talked about it to your manager, then If the problem persists we will talk to the company and, if necessary, we will, of course, look for another solution.

It certainly depends on your way of living. In general, Valencia is of course a lot cheaper to live in than Barcelona or Madrid. Consider, at least, an expense of € 80 for food and nightlife each week.