Music aficionado, be it jazz or classic, and avid reader of anything and everything that comes to my hands, especially philosophy.

When it comes to running a business we put our minds and hearts into it; we know how to make the best of the excitement each student brings with him/her when they come to Valencia, and we can’t let them down. By using our head, because reason only works as an instrument; and by using our heart, because this is a company for and by the people.

The door to my office is always open for anyone who wants to ask questions or simply share ideas or their experience on language learning and internship experience.

César Ribas 0
César Ribas 1
César Ribas

Principal Director

César Ribas 2
Fernando Ribas

Marketing Director

César Ribas 3
Úbal Pérez

Accommodation & Bookings Officer

César Ribas 4
Martina Fuchs

International relations coordinator

César Ribas 5
Luisa Segarra

Administration officer

César Ribas 6
Erika Bianco

International relations coordinator

César Ribas 7
Laura Sammel

Departamento académico