Being a citizen of the world means losing sight of your own identity, at least a little. I’m Italian and I’ve lived in Valencia since 2009.

I’m mainly in charge of the school relations with Italy and France. To the question of whether I feel more Italian than Spanish, I see it as the two typical dishes: pizza or paella? To that I must say I like pizza but in a good restaurant in Valencia J. What will my future be in 10 years time? “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”.

Erika Bianco 0
Erika Bianco 1
César Ribas

Principal Director

Erika Bianco 2
Fernando Ribas

Marketing Director

Erika Bianco 3
Úbal Pérez

Accommodation & Bookings Officer

Erika Bianco 4
Martina Fuchs

International relations coordinator

Erika Bianco 5
Luisa Segarra

Administration officer

Erika Bianco 6
Erika Bianco

International relations coordinator

Erika Bianco 7
Laura Sammel

Departamento académico