It’s crazy how long time I’ve been here! Who would have thought that when I get my degree in business when I was barely 22 years old, I would go on a trip with my brother César in 1996 to United States and that would be the beginning of a great company that has more than 40 employees?

Maybe this is what is so great about life: beeing an open minded, always having a curious attitude and always seeing the bright side of any ups and downs that life gives to you. What’s my next non-business project? Let me think….deciding whether I dare to have a third child! We’ll see what will happen next. Fascinating!

Fernando Ribas 0
Fernando Ribas 1
César Ribas

Principal Director

Fernando Ribas 2
Fernando Ribas

Marketing Director

Fernando Ribas 3
Úbal Pérez

Accommodation & Bookings Officer

Fernando Ribas 4
Martina Fuchs

International relations coordinator

Fernando Ribas 5
Luisa Segarra

Administration officer

Fernando Ribas 6
Erika Bianco

International relations coordinator

Fernando Ribas 7
Laura Sammel

Departamento académico