When I left Germany to live and work in Spain most people were surprised and found my decision unreasonable. But I came here anyway because for a very long time now it has been my dream to live in sunny Valencia. I could not have imagined however that I would find in the language school a place to work and feel at home so quickly.

In 2014 I finished my studies of English and Spanish Languages and Literature and Educational Science. When working as an intern in an English language school in Edinburgh in 2013 I especially came to like this type of multicultural work place. And here  I have found now the perfect place to work in the administrative as well as the academic department, being surrounded by a great team and students from all over the world at the same time.

Ask me anything and I will do my best to help you. I am sure you will have a great time in Valencia!

Laura Sammel 0
Laura Sammel 1
César Ribas

Principal Director

Laura Sammel 2
Fernando Ribas

Marketing Director

Laura Sammel 3
Úbal Pérez

Accommodation & Bookings Officer

Laura Sammel 4
Martina Fuchs

International relations coordinator

Laura Sammel 5
Luisa Segarra

Administration officer

Laura Sammel 6
Erika Bianco

International relations coordinator

Laura Sammel 7
Laura Sammel

Departamento académico