We want you to have one of your most beautiful life experiences which you want to remember always!!!

Beautiful life experience
  • international atmosphere
  • acquire new soft skills
  • improve your spanish level
  • weekly free activities offered
  • find new friends form all over the world
  • know a new city with one of the best climates in Europe
  • and a 8km beach in the city
The main goal of this internship experience
The main goal of this internship experience 0

The objective of the internship program in Spain is not only to have an extraordinary experience, but also to take this opportunity to learn the language and to know the Spanish business culture.

Your Spanish knowledge would be improved in the Spanish course in AIP Languages (acredited by Instituto Cervantes) at the beginning of the program. The minium duration is 1 week, but it depends on your initial level, which we check in the spanish onine test depending on your level Test A1-A2 or B1-B2-C1 with your application.

Spanish school acredited by Instituto Cervantes

This course is considered as a smooth softlanding in your unique life experience, where you can not only improve your Spanish but also know people from all over the world and start in an international atmosphere. You will be participating in all the exciting and interesting activities organized by the school and you will also be able to know Valencia better and you can find new friends.

You enjoy your student life before starting work. At the end of this course you will receive a certificate which shows your new level.

The main goal of this internship experience 1
Start your internship

After the course your internship can start, it is very important for Internship in Spain to carefully select companies that welcome interns whose profile suits their requirements. The internship duration can vary from 3 weeks to 9 months and it is always organized through an agreement created for this purpose, according to the Spanish legal framework.

This work experience in Spain will enhance your Spanish skills and get to know the Spanish way of working, but you will also gain intercultural experience and acquire soft key skills that will be important in your future career and which will be beneficial to your personal and professional development.

Language skills, Soft skills, Team work and the understanding of other cultures are the main goals.