1. Required documents for Spain internships

image_galleryAs soon as you have decided to participate in the programme, you can send the required documents directly to Internship in Spain:

  • your contact details and the desired length of your internship, whether or not you require accommodation, etc.
  • Your resume (preferably with a picture) giving your experience, language skills and hobbies.
  • A motivation or cover letter,  which gives details about type of your desired internship in Spain.
  • Your Spanish test: You can do the Spanish test online on our web page (A1-A2 or B1-B2-C1)

2. Revision of your documents

As soon as we have received your documents, we will carefully revise and evaluate them before confirming your participation in the internship program in Spain. It will take us 48 h. to confirm your acceptance in our internship program.

Internship in Spain evaluates and takes into consideration your expectations and possibilities, in order to find an internship in Valencia which comes up to your interests and requirements. Internship in Spain checks your documents and takes into account your expectations in order to find an internship in Valencia, that fits your needs and interests. We will then get in touch with you to inform you about your definite admission to the program.

Once you have been accepted, a payment of a deposit of 75 € must be made via our online form to show your real interest in the internship program. This amount is reduced from the final payment that you will make on your first day at school in Valencia. Should we not find a suitable placement for you in your area, the fee will be refunded. But do not be worries, in 98 % of cases we find it!.. please remember that most of the internships are unpaid.

Please if you need a visa, visit the page service fee in order to inform you about the conditions.

3. Confirmation of your internship in Valencia.

2- 5 weeks after your admission to the programme Internship in Spain will be able to send you your internship description. A detailed description of your internship and the company will give you a better picture of what awaits you. Maybe the company wants to have a telephone or skype  interview with you.

4. You confirm your internship

You will have to confirm that you accept the internship provided. Then it is the time to send us the placement contract from your university to ensure that the company signs it ahead of time. The final payment will have to be made after your arrival in Valencia, on your first day at the language school.

5. Be ready for your internship in Valencia – OLÉ! 🙂