What are the requirements to participate in the internship program?

Participants must:

  • Be older than 16 or younger than 35 years old.*
  • full health insurance during your stay in Spain. If necessary, we can offer you ours.
  • Have sufficient financial means in order to cover costs of transport, food and accommodation during your internship program in Valencia – because training programs and internships in Spain are officially unpaid. However, some of the companies will give a small amount to their interns for their daily expenses. But our recommendation is: do not count on this little economic help to make your plans to stay in Spain. If you need help with Erasmus+ papers, please let us know.
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  • You should, in general, have an open, flexible and social personality and you should be able to adapt yourself to the requirements of a company. In return, you will improve your Spanish skills, get to know Spanish business culture and develop intercultural skills which will be beneficial to your personal and professional development.

*If you are younger than 16 or older than 35 please ask us if there is a possibility for an internship.

If you comply with all the abovementioned requirements for doing an Internship program in Valencia, take the next step to visit the section that specifies the documents you have to send us.

Please remember that a minimum of 1 week of intensive course in our language school before starting the practice is required. If your level is less than B1, you should consider extending your Spanish course; (look at the European Framework of Reference). If you are a complete beginner, you will have to consider a minimum of 6-8 weeks (better 10) to acquire an intermediate level of Spanish.

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